In my opinion, the hours spent best on the back of a horse are those on the trails. Just chilling on a long rein in walk, enjoying the scenery, the birds singing, amidst pristine nature, with a beautiful view ahead. Or blazing the trail at a fast gait, hearing just the rhythmic beats of the hooves sounding like music to my ears. Johanna and I had the opportunity to make a few longer rides in the past weeks, taking our time and going off the beaten  „training track“ that we normally ride. It was great fun and the best thing to do with our Rockies and Peruvians..

Happy trails to you too!



Number 11

Yay! A girl! So happy with this chocolate, possibly roan colored girl with her beautiful face.. It’s 7 boys and 4 girls now so statistics are looking better for us now. This filly out of Banjo’s JoAnna by For a Few Dollars More is a tall, feminine looking girl with a great head set and a nearly Arabian profile. Normally I’m not impressed by heads and have selected my breeding stock by the contents of the heads, not the looks.. but this one is exceptionally pretty. Well done Dollar and JoJo! And she is for sale..

Just one more baby is expected (from Misty and Ransom), and this years foal crop will be complete!

Horse Photo Experience 2

Horse Photo Experience

This last month we were blessed with several visits of very talented (professional and amateur) photographers! Now I don’t mean people carrying an expensive digital camera around their neck that get lucky once in a while (like myself).. taking 500 and ending with 3 cute shots.. no, I mean people with a great eye, artistic talent and last but not least a heart for horses. Three ladies from the Netherlands, calling themselves the Horse Photo Experience (,  discovered Schlossgestüt Nienover with its pretty countryside and colorful herds while scouting for locations. Apart from equine photography upon request they organise trips giving photography workshops on site.  A great initiative!

While visiting, they made an impressive album of my herds and I’m thankful to access these pics for my own promotion. Another shooting is planned for our colorful autumn. Thank you Lisa Dijk, Marlinda van der Spek and Merel Bormans.

Foaling season in full swing

Numbers 8, 9 and 10 are nearly 2 weeks old so time for a foaling update again.. it is a rainy day so no more procrastinating, here they are:

Number 8: born May 13th, another chocolate colt (possibly chocolate roan) from RRF’s Eye Candy and For A Few Dollars More. He is curious, well-gaited and very sweet.

Number 9: born May 15th, again a chocolate boy! This one out of Dixsons Diva and by RVF’s Risky Business.. one thing this is sure, he is going to have a ton of white mane.. tall and beautiful!

Number 10: YAY! A girl! Born May 16th. Stardusts Midnight Matinee did her very best.. a „too cute“ champagne filly. What a doll, she is still a bit shy, is very tall and stunning! MX Gabriel can be proud of this one too.

We have two more to come by Jojo (June) and Misty (August), so far it has been a „colt year“.. 7 boys, 3 girls. All chocolate, grulla or champagne! And all healthy and growing like cabbage. Next blog the names will be anounced, they will all begin with a „P“ this year. Numbers 8 , 9 and 10 are all for sale..

Numbers 3-7

It has been very busy here with many things going on so.. no time for blogging. Here finally an update of our young newcomers, 3 more boys and 2 girls!

Number 3: born April 19th a light chocolate colt, very elegant conformation, tons of gait, out of Remingtons Lady Derringer and by the legendary Spanish Sundown.. This little guy is a grandson of one of the finest 5 sons of Tobe, Kilburns Chocolate Sundown. Although we were hoping for a grullo, he will no doubt be a very good one! For sale

Number4: born April 26th an amber? champagne colt, probably not carrying the silver gene. Stocky and strong and gaiting with a lot of lift too. Mom is Keiths Summer Spice, and Lightfoot in the Wind (direct Sewells Sam son) is his sire. For sale

Number 5: born April 30th, a girl! Finally! And a grulla! Very happy with this one, feisty and sweet as they come. Out of Amber Notes and Spanish Sundown..

Number 6: May 1st, and another girl.. are they finally coming to set the statistics straight? She is HUGE and what a doll! Lovely head and another gaiting machine. Out of Angel Pride (one of my best!) and by For a few Dollars More. She is chocolate but could be carrying the roan gene as well, time will show. For sale

Number 7: May 4th, a Peruvian macho boy, in a beautiful palomino coat.. what a big guy, lots of temperament, attitude and great conformation. Mom Fulgida was very proud,  will arrange another meeting with Destino soon. For sale

Expecting the next 5 babies in the coming weeks.




Number 1 and Number 2

Anxiously we had been waiting for our first babies this year.. while becoming increasingly impatient as posts of other proud breeders appeared.. my guess was that we would be lucky around the 15th, the night of a  full moon.  Lauras Touch of Gold and RRFs Bedazzled must have heard me because they delivered the 14th and the 15th! Two healthy and beautifully gaited boys.. Laura has a very big-boned and huge red chocolate by Blue Mountain Spirit and Bedazzled has an elegant chocolate with a great presence and attitude by MX Gabriel. Both boys will be for sale.. 11 more to come!